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Program Requirements

Review the different types of programs below and click on the program that applies to you for more information and requirements:


  • Offered, sponsored, or operated by an organizational unit of university
  • Occurs on or off campus
  • Intended participants are minors
  • Volunteers are minors
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Educational Visit

  • Visit to campus by school or similar educational group
  • Visit is less than 8 hours in length
  • Primary supervision of minors is responsibility of a school group
  • Group signs agreement with BYU acknowledging intent to supervise minors (for more information contact Lisa Mortensen)
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  • Offered, sponsored, or operated entirely by an organization not affiliated with BYU or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Intended participants or volunteers are minors
  • Held on campus or utilizes university owned property
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The following programs/activities/events do not need to register with the university's Minor Protection Registration System and are not required to have authorized adults to interact with minors, but the Duty to Report Abuse still applies.

Program/activity/event intended for matriculated students (including those who are minors)

Open to the general public and/or designed that parent/guardians required to supervise own minor

Designed for adults even if a minor attends

Patient care related activities at BYU Student Health Center

Off-campus academic or volunteer opportunities with non-BYU organizations that the university helps arrange for students, provided the non-BYU organization is solely responsible for the protection of minors

Visits to campus by youth groups sponsored by the Church where the group's adult leaders are solely responsible for supervising the minors involved

Research protocols involving minors as human subjects which are subject to the BYU Institutional Review Board

Employment of a minor by the university

Tours and events for prospective student athletes organized by BYU Athletics and subject to rules of NCAA.