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Non-University Programs

An organized program, activity, or event that (a) includes participants, which may include volunteers, who are minors; (b) is offered, sponsored, and operated entirely by an organization or organizations not affiliated with the university or the Church; and (c) is held on campus or otherwise uses university-owned facilities.

A Non-University Program wishing to operate on campus or otherwise use university facilities must first enter into a written agreement approved by Risk Management requiring the Non-University Programs to do the following:

  • Formally appoint a program director
  • Secure the approval of an organizational unit of the university, evidenced by the approving organizational unit’s registration of the Non-University Program in the Minor Protection Registration System at least 90 days before the start of the Non-University Program
  • Document that each authorized adult meets the self-disclosure, background check, and training requirements of this policy and provide such documentation to BYU upon request
  • Provide an age-appropriate supervision ratio;
  • Adequately supervise authorized adults, taking reasonable measures to ensure compliance with and enforcement of the standards of conduct set forth in this policy applicable to Non-University Programs
  • Obtain from each minor, and provide to BYU upon request, a participation agreement approved by Risk Management and signed by the minor and the minor’s parent/guardian covering at least the following: (a) Parent/guardian consent for the minor to participate; (b) a description of the activities and an assumption of the risk; and (c) a waiver of liability in favor of BYU
  • Indemnify BYU for any claims arising from the Non-University Program