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Frequently Asked Questions

  • An online system created and maintained by Risk Management where organizational units register University Programs, Non-university Programs, and Authorized Educational Visits. For University Programs the names of all Adults involved with the program are provided by the Program Director so that Risk Management can authorize adults to interact with minors. For Non-university programs and Authorized Educations Visits verification of compliance with the Minor Protection Policy is recorded.
  • All University Programs, Non-University Programs and Authorized Educational Visits, as defined in the Minor Protection Policy, must register in the Minor Protection Registration System 30 days prior to the start date.
  • Programs should register 30 days prior to start date to allow time for all adults involved in program to be authorized by Risk Management.
  • Minor Protection Training must be completed annually by all adults. Successful completion of program must be within one year of the start and end date of a program.
  • All non-student employees of BYU must have successfully completed a background check within five years of the start and end date of a program. All other adults must have a successful background check within one year of the start and end date of a program.
  • Yes! Any program that utilizes university property is required to follow BYU’s Minor Protection Policy which includes registering in the Minor Protection Registration System.
  • You are responsible for reporting the abuse to the proper authorities. You should contact either the police, or The Division of Child and Family Services, and the Title IX office if sexual abuse is suspected or known. Although reporting abuse to your supervisor is encouraged it does NOT meet your legal duty to report abuse as a Mandated Reporter.
  • All adults (including volunteers) participating in University Programs MUST be listed in the Minor Protection Registration System. NO ADULT is permitted to interact with minors in a University Program until they have been authorized in the Minor Protection Registration System. Non-University Programs must document that participating adults meet the requirements for authorized adults and provide such documentation to BYU upon request. There is no authorized adult requirement for Authorized Educational Visits, provided all the requirements applicable to Authorized Educational Visits are met.