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Program Registration and Authorized Adult Requirements


All University Programs, Non-University Programs, and authorized educational visits are required to register in the Minor Protection Registration System 30 days before the start date of program or visit. Registration includes disclosing all adults with intention to interact with minors, and seeking to become an authorized adult.

Only authorized adults are permitted to interact with minors in any University Program or Non-University Program (as defined in the Minor Protection Policy). Adults become authorized when Risk Management has verified successful completion of adult's background check and minor protection training requirements. (See requirement descriptions below)

  • A background check completed through the university’s authorized background check vendor or some other reputable source (must be approved in writing by both Risk Management and Employee Relations) and includes at a minimum:
    • State and national criminal background search covering residency over the last seven years
    • National sex offender registry search
    Background checks for continuing non-student university employees must be successfully completed within five years of beginning and end date of program. Background checks for all others (including volunteers) must be successfully completed within one year of beginning and end date of program.

    Risk Management will verify that the background check has been successfully completed.
  • Authorized adults must successfully complete the university's minor protection training. Training must be completed within a year of the program's start and end date.

    The University Program must verify in the Minor Protection Registration System that an authorized adult has successfully completed minor protection training.