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Standards for Authorized Adults

Authorized adults must follow:

Authorized adults must NEVER engage in any of the following:

  • Abuse, hazing, bullying, or any other form of demeaning or disrespectful behavior, whether by means of direct physical contact, verbal communication, text messages, email, online forums, social networking sites, or any other method;
  • Striking, hitting, administering corporal punishment to, or otherwise touching a minor in an abusive or illegal manner;
  • Assisting minors in accessing pornography or making any form of pornography available to them;
  • Sleeping in the same room, tent, or other same-space dwelling as a minor, unless the minor is the authorized adult’s son, daughter, or sibling;
  • Entering areas where the authorized adult would be present with a minor who is showering or bathing except for the purpose of responding to a specific emergency;
  • Transporting a minor in a personal vehicle unless the minor is a close relative of the authorized adult;
  • Dating a minor, asking a minor to keep secrets, or inviting a minor to the authorized adult’s home;
  • Consumption, possession, provision, or display of tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances, or prescription drugs (unless a parent/guardian has specifically authorized in writing the administration of prescription drugs); and
  • Carrying, using, providing, or displaying firearms or weapons of any kind (unless done in connection with a legitimate activity of the program and specifically authorized by Risk Management).

If an authorized adult suspects any minor is being subject to these actions or other abusive actions, they must notify the nearest peace office, law enforcement agency or applicable office of the state Division of Child and Family Services immediately (see Duty to Report Abuse)